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Joint Usage Program


• J004 Decay pion spectroscopy of 5ΛΛH at J-PARC using the LEPS-TPC

 — Request for usage permission of Time Projection Chamber and Superconducting Magnet at J-PARC—

• J008 希釈冷凍機用極低バックグラウンド遮蔽材サンプルの微量放射能分析 

 Research of radioactivity measurement of ultra-low background shielding sample for dilution refrigerator


Research Projects


RCNP Workshops


• The 9th workshop on muon science and accelerator studies (第9回 Muon科学と加速器研究)

• Nuclear astrophysics meeting relevant to the heavy-element synthesis and the nuclear data (核データと重元素合成を中心とする宇宙核物理研究会)

• NNR19 Neutrino Nuclear Responses for Double Beta Decays and Astro Neutrinos

• Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies (OMEG15)

•  Unraveling the History of the Universe and Matter Evolution with Underground Physics (地下から解き明かす宇宙の歴史と物質の進化)

• SNP2019 (International School for Strangeness Nuclear Physics; SNP School)

• Flavor Physics Workshop 2019

  Workshop on Beam Physics 2019 for Researchers and Young Scientists (2019年度ビーム物理研究会、若手の会)

• Workshop on RI-beam Spectroscopy by Innovative Gaseous Active Targets (革新的アクティブ・ガス標的を⽤いた不安定核分光)

* Some of reports for domestic workshop are written in Japanese. Thank you for your kind understanding.