Annual Report

RCNP Joint Usage Program

• J004 Decay pion spectroscopy of 5ΛΛH at J-PARC using the LEPS-TPC

 — Request for usage permission of Time Projection Chamber and Superconducting Magnet at J-PARC—

• J008 希釈冷凍機用極低バックグラウンド遮蔽材サンプルの微量放射能分析 

 Research of radioactivity measurement of ultra-low background shielding sample for dilution refrigerator

RCNP Joint Research Program: COREnet

• 003 Microscopic understanding of nuclear collectivity through collaboration of experiment and theory

• 004 Theoretical and numerical study of QCD phase

• 006 Quantum dynamics for superheavy elements

• 010 Elucidation of heavy hadrons in B-factory by collaboration of experimentalists and theorists

• 012 Promoting and improving the NLOAccess program for the nuclear physics community

• 013 Study of αcondensation in 20Ne within the THSR wave function

• 018 Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Search using Ultra-Cold Neutrons

• 019 Electric Dipole Response of Nuclei for the Study of Extra-Galactic Propagation of Ultra High-Energy Cosmic Rays (PANDORA project)

• 020 Development of scintillator-based detection system for laser-accelerated GeV proton

• 022 Studies of resonant reaction in nuclear astrophysics and alpha cluster structure

• 025 Structure of neutron-rich hydrogen nucleus (7H) and neutron-rich He (8He) nucleus

• 026 Development and applications of polarized targets for fundamental physics researches

• 027 Tensor and quark dynamics in the Pc and X(3872)

• 028 Studies for the future facilities to produce an extremely high energy and polarized photon beam via coherent bremsstrahlung radiation

• 030 Research on nuclear clustering by new reaction probes

• 031 Hunting for T-violation and Majorana Character of Neutrinos in Muon Decays

RCNP Workshop

• 原子核における多様な共鳴現象とそれを探る核反応機構

• SNP20 (International School for Strangeness Nuclear Physics; SNP School)

• APFB2020 (Yamada Conference LXXII: The 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physic)

* Some of reports for domestic workshop are written in Japanese. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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