RCNP is calling for proposals for collaboration research networks in nuclear physics and related fields by researchers from multiple institutions. The COREnet aims to strengthen research achievements of outputs and to exchange physicist’s resources in the community. The purpose is to perform creative and advanced researches rather than collecting presentations like conferences. How they conduct the collaborations should be designed most effectively by the participants, i.e., in the form of a short-term meeting, multiple meetings or even by combining with workshops which are needed to achieve the aims.


Participants are either domestic or overseas scientists who perform nuclear physics and related fields from multiple institutions. They must be able to make important contributions to the collaborations such that they can be coauthors of papers or acknowledged there. Therefore, they cannot be like participants to conferences who do not directly contribute to the collaborations. To efficiently perform necessary paperwork, it is advised to include faculty member(s) of RCNP.

Period and location of implementation:

Collaborations are performed maximally for two years toward the end of fiscal year. Locations of implementation are institutions which one of the collaborators belongs to. They should not be facilities for general purposes such as conference halls accommodated in a hotel unless there are specific reasons. Using RCNP facilities including meeting rooms, computers and networks is welcome.

Results and acknowledgements:

The results of collaborations must be reported in the form of journal papers, conference talks, or by one of publicizing methods. In any of these materials, please acknowledge that the work has been supported by this program. For example, This work was partly supported by RCNP Collaboration Research Network program as the project number COREnet-<your project No.000>. In addition, a short report should be submitted by the end of fiscal year of the collaboration period.


A budget should be designed within 500,000 yen if collaboration period is one year or less toward the end of the fiscal year, and 700,000 yen if it continues maximally for two years. Use of the participants’ own sources is welcome. RCNP support office helps realizing effective and flexible execution of budget. In this way the participant’s paperwork will be minimized, and moreover, allocated budget to each collaboration is not requested to be balanced by spending unnecessary expenses.

Notes: execution of the budget

It will be primarily executed as travel and accommodation expenses for member and non-member who provides the specialized expertise for the execution of the project. The honorarium to researchers other than member is also accepted. It can only be paid for remote meetings if the researchers who are indispensable for the research providing the specialized knowledge that is considered essential for the execution of the research project. The purchase of inexpensive equipment for upgrading work environment with video conferencing, remote-meeting is also accepted.

*Please refer to the Guideline for the use of budget ☟

Guideline for the use of budget


(1) In principle, the approved budget is to be used for travel and local expenses for meetings during business trips.

(2) This application should be utilized for every meeting by applying for business trips accessing the Google spreadsheet. For sharing a spreadsheet, please send valid Gmail addresses of you and some other members of your collaboration to The RCNP Users’ Office: E-mail addresses of the RCNP are usually effective for this purpose. An invitation to the spreadsheet is sent afterward.

(3) At each meeting, you can list all members requesting travel support.

(4) The main contact person or an RCNP member as a liaison must submit the application no later than two weeks before the travel begins. Please send an email to the Users’ Office after filling the spreadsheet.

(5) Based on the above information, RCNP staff members may contact you when needed.

(6) The honorarium to researchers other than the members is also payed to the researchers who provide the specialized knowledge that is essential for the execution of the research project.

(7) The purchase of inexpensive equipment is possible for the minimal setup of video conferencing, remote meeting is also accepted.

Estimate of expenses

(6) If available, please stay at guest houses such as RCNP or KEK guesthouses.

(7) We will reimburse you based on actual lodging expenses + 700 yen to cover the accommodation fee. For example, if you use a single room at RCNP lodge, the reimbursement amount is 2,700 yen/night. (See below for how to reserve rooms at RCNP lodge)

(8) We will reimburse 1,200 yen/day as a daily allowance.

(9) If guesthouses are not available and you need to stay at a hotel, we will reimburse based on the table below.

(10) For travel expenses, if you use trains, the reimbursement amount is calculated by the Osaka University travel expense regulations. If you use a flight, we will reimburse the actual amount you paid as indicated on the receipt.

The amount of reimbursement when you stay at hotels:

In Japan

8,000 yen/night

Overseas business trip

The actual amount paid (receipt submission required). Please use decently priced hotels.

How to reserve rooms at RCNP lodge

(1) Visit

Guest House page. You can make reservation from the "BOOK NOW".

(2) Among several input items;

Status Accepted by Osaka University Visitor

Contact Person Name Either an RCNP staff in your project or Atsushi Hosaka

(3) Users Office may contact you if the guest hose is full and your reservation cannot be made. In that case, we will guide you to nearby accommodations.

If you have any questions or comments on this instruction, contact user’s office at

Application Screening:

Call for application is made once a year toward the end of fiscal year. Applications will be peer-reviewed.


(1) Example of collaborations

• Starting up a new collaboration.

• Discussions for solving the unsolved problems, for physics for new experiments (at RCNP and other facilities), for developments of new equipment and facilities, and so on.

(2) During the term of collaboration, seminars, workshops and the likes may be organized. However, financial support may be available only to the participants of the collaboration.

2021 Proposal and/or Report for the RCNP Collaboration Research Network (RCNP-COREnet)

Complete the following items in A4/Letter size within two pages (use 12pt), and submit it in pdf format at

director[**] with the subject by the due date as indicated below.

Submit Proposal by April 18, 2021

* Use “Application to RCNP COREnet” for the subject of your mail.

1. Title of research

2. List of participants with full name, position, affiliation, e-mail

A contact person should be indicated.

3. Period of research

4. Main location of collaboration implementation

5. Requested budget with items (expected times of domestic and or overseas travels including local expenses). The amount of other sources, if applicable.

6. Description of the research including purpose, motivation, background, methods, expected outputs, impact, and any appealing points.

Submit Report by the end of April, every year

* Use “Report for RCNP COREnet” for the subject of your mail.

1. Title of research.

2. List of participants with full name, position, affiliation, e-mail.

3. Period of research (From mm /yy to mm/yy)

4. Main location of collaboration implementation.

5. Publication list including any kinds of papers, talks and so on.

6. Description of the outputs.

These items are used as open information, e.g., for RCNP annual report.

7. Amount of budget implemented (i.e., either domestic or oversea travel expenses).

8. Requests or comments for improvement of the COREnet program

These are only for closed use.

Approved Projects

COREnet Approved Project