Call for proposals

This is a call for workshop proposals. The Research Center of Subatomic Sciences at the Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University financially supports workshops for promotion of novel research projects and joint usage which lead to the development of international joint researches. The scientific significance, dates, and so on of the proposed workshops are reviewed and assessed in the Physics Program Advisory Committee (P-PAC) at RCNP which will be held in September 2021.

A proposal on the planned workshop should include following information:

2021 A proposal on the planned workshop should include following information:

1) Title of the workshop

 This is the title used in the circulation. It should be plain and comprehensible so that the aim of the workshop is easily understood.

2) The subject (up to 100 words)

3) List of the organizers

 Names/affiliations of all the organizers, including the address/phone number/email address of the contact person must be given.

 * Applicants have to consider that the organizers consist of members from more than one institution.

 At least one of the organizers is required to be a member of RCNP.

4) Budget request, accounts of expenditure, information on supports by other funds or institutions

 * Not only the expenses for travel fees but also fees for venue, and so on which are officially accepted by the accounting rule of Osaka University are  supported.

 * In the case of an extraordinary large budget request, the proposal may be accepted with the severely reduced budget or be rejected.

5) Style and expected number of participants

 * Example: International workshop, ~ 20 Japanese and ~ 50 foreign participants

6) Venue

 * RCNP, in principle, is the desirable venue for the workshops. If applicants plan to hold the workshops at other places, the reasons should be noted  on the application.

 * A zoom pro account is offered to the contact person for the online meetings of the organizers, for example.

7) Dates

 * We may ask the change of dates if the dates of some workshops conflict.

 ● Application deadline: August 29, 2021

 ● Address:Director Takashi Nakano

 Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University

 10-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0047, Japan


 * If you send the application by email, the format of the attached file should be Microsoft Word or PDF.

 * If you mail the application, “Application of the project of workshop” should be written with red letters on the envelope.


a) The accepted projects of conferences and workshops will be listed on the webpage:

b) A simple report with a single page have to be submitted after the workshop. It is expected to contain the information on the following items:

  1. Title (both in English for a domestic workshop/conference).

  2. List of members of the organizing committee with full name

  3. Period of workshop/conference (From mm /yy to mm/yy)

  4. Venue

  5. Description of the results

  6. URL of the webpage

  7. URL and/or DOI of the (online) proceedings

   These items are used as open information, e.g., for RCNP annual report.

  8. Detail of the budget

   These are only for closed use.

2021 Approved Projects

・中性子と原子で探る基礎物理 (RCNP Workshop on Fundamental Physics using Neutrons and Atoms)


Nuclear Photonics 2020 (NP2020)

ミューオンX線分光ー非破壊分析、化学、原子核物理への新展開 / ミューオン原子核捕獲反応による原子核関連研究の可能性

・Cluster phenomena in knockout and astrophysical reactions

・SNP School 2021 (International School for Strangeness Nuclear Physics 2021)

・International Workshop on the Extension Project for the J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility (J-PARC HEF-ex WS)