Joint Usage / Research Programs of RCNP

Resources opened for the Joint Usage/Research are summarized in three categories as follows.In addition to the listed resources, new ideas of other useful resources and the combined use of the resources are greatly welcome. 

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Use of RCNP facilities

ex. LEPS/LEPS2, Kamioka underground labs, high  performance computing system, and low energy ion beams from ion sources 

Use of RCNP properties of other institutions

ex. Ge detectors and particle detectors 

CNP supports the network of researchers from multiple institutions for collaboration in physics. 

The intensive discussions through meetings, workshops and so on are supported for performing creative and advanced researches. 

Zoom Professional accounts are provided to the spokespersons of the approved projects. 

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RCNP supports research projects which can generate scientific outputs of high impact in 2 to 6 years. Projects are divided in two categories according to the scale of the researches. 

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The Research Center of Subatomic Sciences at the Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University financially supports workshops for promotion of novel research projects and joint usage which lead to the development of  international joint researches.

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